Environmental Consulting

METCO’s environmental division, located in La Crosse, WI, offers our customers a wide array of services to assist them with the ever-increasing burden of environmental issues facing old gas stations. Formed in 1990 METCO’s environmental division’s goals are to assist our clients:

  • To comply with all state and federal environmental rules and laws without financial burden.
  • To make sure that the governmental rules and laws are fair and just.
  • To Achieve site closure to reclaim property values and investments.

METCO’s environment consulting services include:

  • Site Assessments
  • Property Assessments
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Remedial Systems
  • PECFA, PetroFund ACCP
  • Brownfield projects
  • Geoprobe
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasure compliance (SPCC)
  • Emergency spill cleanup

Ron Anderson

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