METCO’s safety culture begins with the owner and senior management. This top-down commitment to improving safety fosters the success of our safety program and empowers everyone within the organization to be part of a solution. With this culture of safety, everyone looks out for one another and encourages injury self-reporting without judgment or consequence. It’s about improving the culture and system as a whole in order to find the causal factors that led to those injuries or mistakes.

METCO has always prided itself on maintaining an excellent record for workplace safety. Recently, we were presented with the Acuity Insurance Safety Award. This award is given to businesses that are exemplary in their partnership with Acuity to help ensure a safe workplace. METCO was 1 of 82 companies receiving this award (which is the top 1% of tens of thousands of Acuity clients covering 23 states).

“You are among a select group of customers being recognized,” said Ed Warren, Vice President of Acuity Commercial Lines. “Your efforts to provide safe working conditions for your employees have resulted in a record of which you should be proud of.”