Compliance Technician

Position Summary

A compliance technician performs compliance inspections and testing of petroleum storage tank and dispensing systems.

Essential Duties

  • Perform monthly and annual inspections of storage tank systems and dispensing equipment.
  • Perform testing of underground tank system corrosion protection, tank monitor functionality, line leak functionality, and line
  • Perform hydrostatic testing of spill prevention equipment (spill buckets) and containment sumps (tank and dispenser sumps).
  • Perform accurate calibration of fuel dispensing meters to ensure that the meters will pass inspection by local Weights and Measures
  • Perform general maintenance service calls such as changing filters, pumping water from tanks and sumps, changing hoses/nozzles,
  • Must work safely in accordance with OSHA Standards and the American Petroleum Institute Standard 1646 for Safe Work Practices for Contractors working at Retail Petroleum/Convenience
  • Accept all other duties assigned by


  • Must possess a valid driver’s
  • Must effectively communicate with supervisor, co-workers, customers, and public.
  • Must utilize basic computer skills to complete and submit work order, warranty, and commissioning
  • Must maintain industry and manufacturer certifications for services
  • Must read, analyze, and interpret common industry regulatory standards and manufacture’s
  • Must apply customer satisfaction and field service
  • Must apply troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Must integrate basic mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic


  • Drive daily (may be for extensive periods).
  • Stand on concrete or pavement on a regular basis (may be for extensive periods).
  • Lift, push, pull, and carry objects on a regular basis (up to and usually over 50 ).
  • Crouch, kneel, twist, bend, reach, walk on a regular basis.
  • Work outdoors in extreme weather conditions on a regular
  • Enter confined spaces
  • Work from heights/ladders
  • Work overhead
  • Work in a retail environment on a regular basis (with heavy traffic flow).
  • Work in a commercial construction environment



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