Compliance Technician

Position Summary

A compliance technician performs accurate calibration of fuel dispensing meters to ensure that the meters will pass inspection by local Weights and Measures officials. This position also performs proper inspection, testing, and maintenance of equipment at gas stations and commercial fueling facilities. METCO provides all training.

Essential Duties

  • Perform the process of adjusting a metering device in a fuel dispenser so that the volume of fuel actually dispensed and the volume indicated by the meter are within tolerances set by the local authority having jurisdiction (Weights and Measures).
  • Perform compliance inspections of storage tank and fuel dispensing systems.
  • Test pipelines, line leak detectors, tank monitors, cathodics, and hose continuity.
  • Perform general service calls such as changing filters, pumping water from tanks and sumps, changing hoses/nozzles, etc.
  • Assist with installation of dispensers, submersibles, tank monitors, tanks, piping, etc.
  • Work safely in accordance with METCO guidelines and OSHA Standards.
  • Work outdoors in extreme weather conditions.
  • Maintain industry/manufacturer certifications. We provide all training.
  • Read, analyze, and interpret regulatory standards and manufacturer recommendations.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Apply customer satisfaction and field service techniques.
  • Apply troubleshooting and problem solving skills.


  • Monday through Friday.
  • Start times will vary, but is typically 8:00. End time is upon job completion.
  • Requires availability to rotate on call for after hour services.
  • Overnight stays will be required most of the time.
  • Reports to various locations. Technicians typically get dispatched from their home.


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