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METCO is a long established, single-source petroleum contractor for the installation, service and environmental consulting of all types of fuel system applications. Our primary customers include retail gas stations, municipalities and government institutions that maintain vehicle fleets, and industrial facilities that utilize tank systems for backup generator and boiler systems. We serve the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, and are dedicated to living up to our standard of “Excellence through Experience.”


Technician Dispatch Locations

METCO prides ourselves on our fast response times. We know that when you need service, you need it fast, which is why we offer multiple dispatch locations throughout southern Wisconsin. Need fast, reliable service? Trust METCO.

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The Latest From METCO

Winter Filter Specials

Slow flowing dispensers do not mix with today’s fast paced world! Did you know the filters installed on your dispensers work to catch contaminates before reaching your customer’s fuel...

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Microsoft Begins Using AI to Identify Smokers at the Pumps

Artificial intelligence is continually creeping into aspects of our everyday life, including at some gas stations. Microsoft has begun working with Shell to identify people smoking at the pumps...

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Join The METCO Team!

We work together to provide the highest quality response to our customers' needs, establishing ourselves as the leading fuel system installation, service, and environmental company in our area. How do we do it? By living our values: lead with integrity, promote family values, utilize teamwork, cultivate employees, foster diversity, commit to customers, and embrace growth. Do you have what it takes? We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action in all employment activities.

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