METCO is a long established, single-source petroleum contractor for the installation, service, and environmental consulting of all types of fuel system applications. We primarily serve retail gas stations, however, we also serve municipalities and government institutions that maintain vehicle fleets and industrial facilities that utilize tank systems for backup generator and boiler systems. We serve the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, and are dedicated to living up to our strong reputation of “Excellence through experience.”

In 1923 Harold Knower built his first gas station. Since that time, the Knower family has been involved in virtually every aspect of the fuel service business including retail, distribution, installation, and service. Because we have stood in the shoes of our customers, we have a unique understanding of their needs, and we’ve built the METCO organization to provide the highest quality response. Learn more about METCO’s history.

Our mission: Working together to provide the highest quality response, we establish ourselves as the leading fuel system installation, service, and environmental company in our marketing area. 

We invite you to get to know METCO and discover how “Excellence Through Experience” can assist your operation.