June 22, 2018

Gas Pump TV and Bennett Pump Begin Offering Retail Subsidies

TV’s at the dispenser have become more and more frequent and while some customers dislike or ignore the advertisements the technology is seemingly here to stay. As such Bennett Pump is partnering with Gas Pump TV in order to help store owners get this new technology in their stores.


Fuel dispenser manufacturer Bennett Pump Company and Gas Pump TV (GPTV), the leader in interactive fuel media, have committed to a long-term partnership to deploy a program aimed to increase fuel retailer forecourt and in-store sales.

The subsidy program will help to soften the financial blow to fuel retailers for EMV fuel dispenser upgrades. EMV fuel dispenser upgrades are required in order for fuel retailers to comply with updated credit card authentication standards, and are estimated to cost gas station owners in the U.S. an estimated industry total of $5-7 billion by October 2020.

The new program is available to fuel supply wholesalers, distributors and jobbers across the country and enables fuel suppliers to provide GPTV to their customers in a fully funded, pump-integrated video and merchandising platform.

From: https://www.petrolplaza.com/news/8851

Sample of content that can be displayed on Gas Pump TV


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