June 1, 2018

EPA and DATCP Regulations for Sump Testing

In 2015, the EPA published a rule revision with several new requirements, many of which have already been incorporated into Wisconsin code. However, Wisconsin has now implemented the following EPA rule requirements that were not previously addressed:

  • Spill prevention equipment, aka spill bucket, testing (periodic test every 3 years).
  • Containment sump testing of sumps used for piping interstitial monitoring. The periodic testing requirement of containment sumps is required only when the containment sump is used for secondary containment of the piping and interstitial monitoring is used for release detection of that piping (periodic test every 3 years).


The first test has to be completed by October 13, 2018 for the above types of containment sumps and the spill buckets. Thereafter the sump containment and spill bucket tests have to be repeated every 3 years. 



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